Even Me Out bar - the lather is amazing ‘& gentle. I don’t feel dried out or have any residue on the skin after. The scent is soft, sweet, not overpowering. And the seeds on top add a bit of exfoliation

Victoria Ferguson

I Have Only Been Using These Products For A Week And I Already See A Difference In My Skin! Also I Highly Recommend The Glow Infused Oil Serum😍😍😍

Timiyah McQueen

Well ... first of all y’all i love the packaging, i think it's very cute and professional. I loved the products ittself. My skin is oily and acne prone and this serum it's wonderful to my skin, it makes my skin look healthier and adds a natural glow to it. This is a MUST in my skin care routine! I'm such a fan of BC By Jean ❤️❤️. now i follow them everywhere here , Instagram i get the latest launches thank you so much xoxo . And I forgot to mentioned the smell it’s absolutely refreshing 😩😩😩

Anthony Lamar

Body care by Jean. Amazing face scrub. Has my face feeling very soft and smooth and it smells fabulous.

Stacey Hunt-Wesley

The soaps smell amazing! My skin feels so soft right now 😍 AND don’t GET ME STARTED WITH THIS MF TONER AND OIL OMG MY FACE SMELL SO GOOD ☺️ very soft right now! Glow about to be so real! Thank you 😊

Mariah Hunter

Works like magic and she knows the ins and outs of different skin. My skin is literally hyper sensitive to everything.

Alex Mckenney

I really like them, I even used the foaming scrub on my girls!

Kenya O.

It's the oregano for me....It's also the lemongrass for me!


Nothing has worked for my eczema & It's really starting to get me down because of the dark spots It's leaving but I'm a believer now I wish I would ordered more!